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I've found some interesting water storage accessories.
Personally I recommend ignoring "anything" concerning Reverse-Osmosis...
Save your $$$!
Get superior and 99.996% pure H2O  instead! (Affordable distilled water.)

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Distilled Water
Why Cook With Distilled Water?      

I've cooked, tested and developed my own recipes for over twenty years.
Plus I've got a lots more cooking tips on my sharealikecooking.blogspot too!

Cookbook authors, so-called experts and many bakers may claim dough requires "minerals".
Well, my money is on: They've NEVER tried making bread with distilled water themselves!
Simply regerutating "old wives tales" actually doesn't make it true.

Try freshly purchased distilled water, and see for YOURSELF if your favorite recipes [do in fact] taste better or not!

Cooking with Distilled Water:
Soups taste so much better, with distilled water.
Pasta also has a better taste, when boiled in distilled.
Breads stay softer longer (no hard water minerals). The difference is great.
Beans and Legumes, cooked in distilled, cook faster and taste better.
Canning water! Use distilled water, over and over for canning, and have no more gray film covering your jars.
Syrups, be sure to use it for fruit syrups too.

The list goes on and on; distilled improves recipes calling for water.
I make ALL my bread with distilled and use it in easily 90% of my cooking.

Drink Distilled Water: It's better for you, and besides, TAP WATER TASTES LOUSY! Distilled water that is stored in heavy-grade plastic bottles will not take on the flavor of the plastic, as it can when stored in milk jugs. So many people hate drinking tap water (let alone 8 glasses a day) and most bottled water is expensive.

Usage and Storage Tips:
Storing water isn't difficult. I store 50 gallons of DISTILLED WATER in 10 (5 gal) bottles.
(I do also  a 45 gallon drum of TAP water, plus several 5 gal containers of water for personal needs.)

Don't store water in an open container (pitcher). Water easily picks up odors and stales quickly. Simply keeping it covered prevents off-tastes.
Don't buy drinking water in milk-jug-type plastics for storage!  They need to be rotated out too quickly. Purchase in heavy-blue-plastic grade bottles.
Buy drinking bottles with plastic  labels, so they can withstand dishwashing (top shelf). To refill and reuse over and over again.
Rotate your water every 6 months. Yet if you regularly DRINK your stored water, rotation will be much more effective, healthier and tastier!

I also have 2 (3 gal) dispensers (with spigots). I keep one in my Master Bedroom Closet, and the other on the Kitchen Counter. My whole family likes distilled water even at room temp. In fact that's the only way I can guzzle 8-12 oz (LOL!). We do have a narrow quart fridge container too, but half the time they just add juice concentrate to it.

Until almost 6 years ago, I had never tried distilled water. It was suggested to me by a friend. He started insisting I was drinking the WRONG WATER! He said this, because I'd become so crippled from Rheumatoid Arthritis (barely being able to walk that particular day).

I wanted to know what WATER had to do with anything! He suggested that drinking DISTILLED WATER could actually improve my situation. I was willing to learn and went to a DISTILLER and purchased this kind of water.

Really the only thing I knew about distilled water, was that my mom used it in her iron! The distiller showed me how harmful micro-organisms and hard water mineral deposits are removed during the distilling process. But worse, the minerals deposits from bottled water (even purified, yet non-distilled) and tap water (also spring or well water)  will COLLECT in people's joints, tissues and organs.

It's a fact, after with drinking distilled water, in just a week, I had surprisingly very good results. I could actually walk somewhat better.  
My drinking this water really intrigued my 10-year-old so much, she was convinced to research it for her Science Fair Project. The info we found also impressed me.

As a result, she won First Place Ribbons from her school (1 of 12 winners, out of 400 participants) and the district (1 out of 12 winners, out of 1200 participants). She was even invited to submit her entry to U.S. National Science Fair, with Disney and Bill Nye the Science Guy, which she did and was proudly recognized (yet not accepted to show).

Nevertheless, we all had a great experience and she won all sorts of ribbons and cool stuff locally!

Science Fair Project: (activities for testing)

We borrowed a TDS meter and were shocked by the numbers we found in bottled water, let alone our tap water! The highest level was as our city's tap water.
We got help, to distill a month's worth of drinking water for two adults (30 gallons of our local water). Afterwards, there was an amazing 2 cups of gray dust-like crap left in the owner's distiller. (No wonder I was virtually crippled by age 44, in addition to having Rheumatoid Arthritis).
We also boiled 2 cups of water, in two identical black pans; ONE with distilled water, ONE with tap. Not only did the distilled water boil away in much less time, but that same yucky gray dust, was caked on the bottom and sides of the "tap water" pan. The pan, holding the  distilled water, was sparkling clean after that water boiled away (even cleaner than before!).
The clincher for the Science Fair was… we had borrowed an electrical light (rigged up by our local distiller) which had an open-ended circuit (they assured us it was totally safe.) When you place the end of the light in the tap water, this little Christmas-type bulb would LIGHT UP! Apparently, since the tap water had metals in it, they closed the circuit for it to light. (Suggesting why you don't want a hair dryer in the tub with you, or you too will light up like a Christmas tree, as well!) When someone at the Science Fair, placed the same light in the distilled water, the bulb DID NOT light up, surprising the students and the judges at the Science Fair. (That was until the drops of tap water contaminated the distilled water, causing my daughter to refill the bowl of distilled water often.)

The Interesting Facts We Found:
Now did you know that rain is nature’s way of distilling water?

Heat is generated from the sun and the moisture filters through the clouds,
causing rain. It's when it goes through our pollution and the soil, that it picks up the unwanted deposits, which tastes so lousy. (Not to mention the pesticides and chemicals the city uses to protect us.)
Distilled water is arguably the purest (best) water to drink too and definitely the least expensive, of the "bottled water" craze!
Unfortunately distilled water from the grocery stores in milk bottle-type jugs, is not a good way to store water. The water picks up the plastic taste, during longer storage time. Any water will deteriorate this plastic.
Purchase distilled water, only in the hard, blue plastic bottles (5 gal. size are the most affordable). The type used in water dispensers.
Many water distributors sell distilled. You can have it delivered by a water supplier or pick it up from a local water distiller.
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Just More To Think About:
Are you prone to kidney stones or gallstones? How about inflamed joints and muscles? If yes, then your body could be acting as a filter, itself!  The hard water mineral deposits collecting in your organs, tissues and joints (just like a filter does).

Does drinking your water leave your urine crystal clear. Mine always was while drinking loads of tap and bottled water. Good? Not necessarily so!

Try exclusively drinking distilled water for several weeks (even until your eye float). Your urine may even become dark and smelly (gross, huh!). That's actually a good sign, you are detoxifying yourself of the "inorganic" minerals of hard water deposits, which your body does NOT want.

Are you thinking? But don't our bodies need the minerals, naturally found in water (spring water and well waters, being the worse culprits)?
Answer: NO, you don't want the "inorganic" minerals from soil and rocks. Inorganic hard water minerals are what plants need, not people! People primarily get "organic" minerals from food, NOT drinking water.
Ever hear that drinking distilled water removes needed electrolytes?
Answer: Yes, if you drink a swimming pool worth, which is what would be the equivalent to what is tested on lab rats. Anyone's brain will shut down after drinking an overdose of water. (Read the papers lately?)
Filtered water or reversed osmosis are good 2nd and 3rd runners up, in purity of water. Nothing even competes (in purity) with distilled water.
Organisms are all killed during the distillation process and the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) units are near zero.
Personal Update: (Wow, are you still reading? LOL!)

Even after 8 years, I still continue to suffer from RA and FMS. They are awful illnesses and I take all sorts of meds. Yet I really find, that when I slack off drinking my 8 glasses of distilled water, my symptoms worsen!

Great news, I get my RA levels checked quarterly and my specialist insists I am in better shape (no crippling) than my blood test represent. All I know, is that I hurt enough! Even still, I guess the distilled water, cooking and eating the right things... all account for something!

Another anecdotal note, I love it when people see me and ask...
"Have you lost weight?" Yup, well over 20 pounds and 4 sizes!
That's without changing my diet, except changing my drinking water!

You know, getting off my crippled behind sure has done wonders for my figure!

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